Social responsibility is fundamental to dependable business practice. Recognition of social and economic aspects of social and environmental assessments and evaluations for the industries is becoming increasingly important. Our team of social economic specialists are highly experienced in the practical development and execution of socio–economic baseline investigations, impact assessments, management systems, action plans, resettlement plans, and stakeholder consultation and engagement.

The purpose of these socio economic studies is to represent the relevant and currently available information on the recent existing background and expected circumstances of the communities and people that might be affected by the operation of a project on local, regional and national levels. These studies considers issue-focused approach on baseline information. The main focus includes the physical, emotional, social, and economic well being of a community, including individuals, families and the community as a whole. The objective is to identify the indicators of these various aspects of community interrelationships between them and the influences acting on them, within the limited available data.

The socio-economic study describes the socio-economic baseline condition of the study area through the indicators such as:

  • People and the economy
  • Infrastructure and community services
  • Individual, family and community wellness
  • Traditional culture
  • Nontraditional land and resource use
  • Heritage resources

We have conducted numerous major social and environmental impact evaluations and management systems specificallyprepared to comply with Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation expectations. We also have substantial experience in a variety of education and training programs at all levels of corporate sophistication. Our social impact assessments, public consultation programs, community development plans, indigenous peoples' development plans and resettlement action plans combine to promote globally relevant best practice in social responsibility.

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