Sediment Quality

We also have extensive knowledge of and experience in relation to sediment quality, and the sampling and assessment of aquatic and marine sediments. We provide a full suite of laboratory analysis utilizing our specialist laboratory with accreditation.

Sediment quality assessments we undertake include physical parameters such as Total Organic Carbon, Particle Size Distribution Analyses, and Natural Moisture Content along with nutrient parameter determinations such as Ortho-Phosphate, Nitrate, and Nitrite. We also assess a range of metals, including Heavy Metals. Other parameters we regularly assess include Oils, Fats & Greases, Hydrocarbons and VOCs. Our integrated approach to sediment quality also includes the use of biological indicators, and we can assess sediment quality using biotic indices based on sediment macro invertebrates communities.

We also provide a range of sediment microbiological assessments for freshwater, transitional and marine inshore waters.

Our sediment quality assessment service include:

  • Collection of sediment quality samples
  • Field and Laboratory analyses
  • Interpretation of analyses results
  • Clear reporting against consenting limits
  • Advice on compliance and improvement action plan (as necessary)
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