Huta Environment is managed by a diversified team of experts who had proved their skills in the Middle East and have a long term relations with the group.

Message from the Managing Director

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of bringing Environmental rules and regulations to the Middle East and leading positive environmental change.

The environment is a global concern which we all engage in and explore new and on-going developments. From environmental planning to ecological restoration, we have transformed our long-term goals to search for and initiate innovative projects to make the environment sustainable.

Our journey has only just begun and we pledge to meet our goal to operate in a socially responsible and eco-friendly manner, provide innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental resource management, environmental awareness, extend ecosystem services, and ensure the long-term welfare of the biosphere. In 2007, Huta Environment started as an Environmental consulting company to provide environmental solutions to the developing market of Saudi Arabia for creating a sustainable environment. Today, we have excelled in the field of environmental planning and ecological restoration with advanced analysis and world class capability. With a highly professional team, as a major contributor for environmental change, Huta Environment has become one of the leading environmentally responsible companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our company continues to work in partnership with the PME (Presidency of Meteorology and Environment) and United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) to establish and manage ongoing programs and procedures that will remediate impacts and ensure country's development.

Adopting our vision to become the best environmental management company in emerging markets, Huta Environment's next stage of expansion includes taking its offerings beyond the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and into other regions that require the knowledge and expertise available to sustain their environmental future.

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