Marine Ecology

Huta Environment offers a comprehensive marine environmental project management package to coastal and marine developers, environmental managers and decision makers. We have an established team of multidisciplinary marine consultants and in-house environmental specialists in a wide range of fields including:

  • Marine Consenting
  • Environmental Policy and Legislation
  • Feasibility Studies, Desktop Studies, Site Selection and Appraisal
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Management Plans (Construction, Environmental, Spill Mitigation)
  • Licensing
  • Marine Ecology
  • Marine Geology
  • Physical Processes
  • Water Quality
  • Fisheries
  • Environmental Management

Other specialties include stakeholder consultation and provision of expert witnesses. We also work closely with a range of specialist topics which include maritime archaeology, navigational risk assessments, hydrodynamic (numerical) modeling and coastal engineering. Huta Environment's marine consultants offer a professional and friendly service placing value on fostering long term relationships with all of our clients.

Our consultants have experience in all phases of marine development projects from feasibility and prospecting, scoping and EIA through to post consent support, operational monitoring and contingency planning. We offer practical and innovative solutions to project management, suitable for all sectors operating in the marine and coastal environment, including:

  • Marine Aggregates
  • Offshore Renewables (Wind, Wave and Tidal)
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Submarine Cables (Power and Telecommunications)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Public / NGO Sectors

Huta Environment's marine ecology survey team is a leading provider in offshore and coastal marine ecological survey and analysis services. Environmental sustainability is a key principle underpinning all marine development and a clear understanding of ecosystems is a prerequisite to achieving this. Our marine ecologists specialize in site characterization, impact assessment and ecological monitoring activities, such that our clients and regulators fully understand the potential and actual effects, both spatial and temporal, of developments in the marine environment.

We have considerable experience in delivering marine services, as well as various national and international statutes for nature conservation, remediation projects, such as the Presidency of Meteorology and United Nations Compensation Commission. We work closely with stakeholders and regulators to ensure that our ecological studies are designed to address the interests of all public bodies and statutory agencies, enabling impact assessments, consents and other license applications to progress with maximum efficiency.

Our highly experienced team of marine ecologists and biologists are all educated to degree level or above and we own a large array of seabed samplers including; grabs, dredges and scientific trawls in addition to a range of underwater cameras, video systems and custom-made camera frames. We can provide equipment spreads, and suitably skilled operators, capable of performing ecological surveys in marine environments that range from the intertidal zone to water depths in excess of 2000 metres.

The marine ecology team have extensive experience of working in a range of marine ecosystems, with previous overseas experience. This past survey experience, coupled with our knowledge of the regulatory frameworks relevant to our countries of operation, enables us to deliver a complete package comprising; ecological data acquisition through survey, sample analysis, data analysis, interpretation, reporting and technical advice under one management team.

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