Contaminated Site management, Ecological Restoration & Pollution Cleanup

Huta designs and implements sustainable remediation and rehabilitation strategies to restore ecological function to disturbed ecosystems. Our services include:

  • Transplantation of hydro-halophytes
  • Coral reef survey and relocation
  • Sea grass survey and relocation
  • Coastal and Marine remediation
  • Pollution prevention and Control

Survey and relocation project involves:

  • Detailed survey and mapping.
  • Development of Relocation/Mitigation Plan.
  • Removal and relocation works.
  • Monitoring and corrective actions
Coastal and Marine remediation

Huta Environment is the leader in several coastal and marine remediation projects, which involve the removal (excavation) and or homogenization (tilling/ripping) of lingering oil residues and the restoration of salt marsh hydrology and re-establishing tidal channel morphometry through various excavation and re-contouring treatments. In addition, Huta is re-establishing and augmenting local the flora assemblages within salt marsh and tidal flat habitats through the transplantation of perennial halophytes including mangroves.

Coastal and Marine remediation

Huta Environment provides several oil spill response products & services to contain the oil spill. Our equipment includes

  • Response crafts and pontoons
  • Oil spill containment booms
  • Fire containment booms
  • Oil absorbent booms
  • Shoreline mats
  • Pollution cleanup vessels
  • Skimmer systems
  • Oil dispersants
  • Diving kits
  • Temporary storage equipment
  • Oiled Wildlife response pallets
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Generators
  • Multi gas monitors
  • Tracking buoys and Remote sensing
  • Hydraulic pressure washers
Pollution prevention and Control
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