Artificial Reef Development
Design Background

The Eden Reef Block design is the result of our extensive research and testing in the field of coral reef restoration in and around the Gulf region.

Our unique patented design has been proven to greatly increase marine habitat populations, mitigating damage to natural reefs caused by overfishing, pollution & other human activities.

The distinctive design of our units allows for the Reef blocks to be aligned in different arrangements so as to create interconnecting holes, provide fish habitats and to suit site specific requirements.

  • Restoring Damaged Coral Reefs
  • Restoring Marine Habitats
  • Creating New Habitats
  • Beach Protection
  • Scuba Diving
  • Aqua Tourism
  • Education
  • Aquaculture
  • Fishery Nurseries
  • Benefits
  • Directly placed on the seabed.
  • No anchoring required.
  • Water circulation within the structure.
  • Will not be effected by currents & waves.
  • Breeding place for fish.
  • Easy coral growth monitoring.
  • Hiding place for small fish and other creatures.
  • Attraction for larger fish, crustaceans etc.
  • Corals can be planted on them
  • Eden Reef Block –Installation Design
    Design Background

    Artificial Reef assemblages can be stablished in order to create small or large scale diverse marine ecosystems.

    The initiative is normally instigated by Private Companies or Governmental Organisations in order to counteract Environmental Impacts caused from construction activities on the immediate area.

    The reef set-up is created in order to enhance either permanent or transitory recruitment of fauna from the adjacent areas.

    Coral transplants are sustainably harvested from donor areas using SCUBA along existing nearby habitats.

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