Air Dispersion Modeling

Huta Environment's experienced modeling consultants produce results to determine whether a facility is operating or will operate in compliance with national standards, and whether its operations may result in negative health effects on persons living or working in the area.

Huta Environment's environmental consulting team for air has experience in preparing emission inventory and uses air dispersion modeling software suites to predict off-property concentrations resulting from emissions of air pollution.

We use EPA's most recent versions of Air Dispersion Models and graphical software packages to perform detailed air dispersion modeling for projects. Our approach to modeling consists of collecting all relevant information about the facility to produce the most accurate results, modeling analysis according to guidelines specific to where the facility is located, and producing a final report for the appropriate environmental agencies and for the client.

Huta Environment has performed refined modeling for several projects of various types.

Our Approach to Air Modeling:

Our services include:

  • Collect all required information about the facility, such as point parameters, exact location, and emission rates, to produce the most accurate results
  • Perform preliminary modeling to determine whether refined modeling is required
  • If necessary, perform a refined modeling analysis according to the guidelines of the regulatory authority in which the facility is located
  • Produce a finished report for the environmental agency or agencies and for the client.

After the permit is approved, we utilize our database drives and servers to ensure your site stays on task, in compliance with the terms and conditions of the permit, and is perpetually prepared for an audit.

Ecological services in the terrestrial environment provided by Huta Environment include habitat surveys and mapping, botanical surveys and fauna surveys to identify the principal vegetative and animal communities present at a site. Initial surveys seek to identify the baseline communities at a site. This can be followed by an evaluation of the ecological communities present, and an impact assessment of a proposed project. Monitoring during the construction and operation of a project is also often undertaken.

If you have questions concerning the latest developments and best available control technologies (BACT) available to your project for initial or amendment air permitting, consult our engineers to help you optimize decisions during the permitting process.

If you are currently an operating facility with an existing air permit and would like to speak with Huta Environment concerning permit compliance options, call to setup a site consultation. We will review your existing air permit, records, and compliance program to provide you with a detailed gap analysis and risk mitigation plan. Talk to us about our methods for maintaining a positive compliance track record.

Our environmental consultants have several years of industry experience working with clients, regulatory agencies, and writing permits. You can count on Huta Environment to deliver you the best services, permits and plans for your facility.

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